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I'm Jennifer, a 27 year old marketing director, writer, blogger, fashion nerd, beauty lover, make up doer, aspiring fashion designer, freelance stylist, brand makeover specialist and all around Cool Kid Extraordinaire. I blog from a snowy Utah town called Park City (home of the greatest snow on earth and the Sundance Film Festival), just east of Salt Lake City on I-80, where I live with my amazing boyfriend (code name: The Boy), a chubby Beagle named Annie and her brother, an orange tabby named Beans. Come May 2014, Baby Girl Kumquat will be joining us.

A dress by Spanish label Kling; get the deets here.

Frayed Threads is more than just another personal style blog full of narcissistic daily outfit posts; while those are a key component of many of these articles, this blog focuses on Trenducation (analyzing and predicting trends at the start of each season), style guides for the stylishly inept and creating reasonably fabulous outfits on a tight budget to combat the mundane reality of the every day.

I started Frayed Threads as a means of communicating my arts (fashion and writing) while living in a state I once thought utterly devoid of style. As the blog grew, I connected with other local bloggers and fashion industry insiders in northern Utah and I discovered that there is a thriving fashion subculture here in the state, centered in Salt Lake City and growing in Park City. Frayed Threads has since grown from a personal style and inspiration blog into a medium for communicating Utah's style and covering local events in our state's fashion industry.

Review my coverage of Salt Lake City's Fashion Night Out show in this post.

My style can only be described as entirely eclectic; my daily outfits range from rocker chic to girly sweetheart to preppy outdoorsgirl, depending on my mood, where I'm going, how recently I've done laundry and which shoes I tripped over on the way out the door. I don't make nearly enough money, and because of that I have learned how to stretch a tiny budget into a wardrobe that spans seasons, trends and years, without regard for (and almost entirely lacking) designer labels and high end price tags.

My one day road trip to Evanston, Wyoming

In addition to my 8-5 office job, I do freelance work across a variety of industries, including writing, fashion styling, web/blog design, and social media/online/print marketing consulting. I've published articles on a variety of blogging and fashion sites, including IN Magazine, the Salt Lake TribuneIFB and Lucky, and I have been featured as a ModeRepublic Trendsetter and in the Chictopia Style Gallery.

In the real world, I've worked in a variety of fields (administrative support, marketing, advertising, logistics, graphic design, customer service, retail, food service and a dozen others), and these experiences have provided me with a familiarity with most aspects of a business as well as a unique skill set that allows me to creatively approach and solve problems - which, as nerdy as it sounds, is one of my favorite things to do.

Find my review of my SkullCandy Fix Earbuds here.

Fashion blogging has opened many doors for me, but it is by no means my end goal in life, and I've recently realized that dreams are useless if you're not doing anything about them. To that end, I'm in the process of re-evaluating my life and getting rid of things (and people) that no longer provide a positive influence in my life. My little sister, my mom, my four year old nephew, my boyfriend and our "kids" are my best friends and the most important people in my life. I'm a recovering addict (a story to be published at a later date - check back towards the end of the year) and I understand just how easily our tiniest decisions can profoundly alter our lives.

Fashion has been my coping mechanism throughout my journey to sobriety, both as a distraction and as a creative outlet. It's a passion I discovered later in life, as I progressed through college and learned what style really was from friends and mentors instead of celebrity flashers, and I've learned to use it to battle the boredom of every day life in a small town.

I've been blogging since my junior year of high school, when I started my first angsty teenage web journal called Evil Laughter. Luckily for me, the advent of fashion blogs has allowed me to join my love of fashion with my real talent (writing) to form the ultimate obsession (this blog). See the previous incarnation of my blogging life here.

Now entering :: Broke City

I have a gypsy soul and a serious inability to sit still for an extended period of time. I love to travel, though I don't do it nearly often enough, and I'd love to one day traipse across the globe, following fashion weeks and collecting style from cultures around the world. I spend way too much time online, but I've found the most effective tool for a successful blog is having an active life outside of it. Wandering through my mountains, snapping pretty pictures, taking off on random road trips, eating at nice restaurants alone and writing are among my favorite ways of entertaining myself.

Find out why I'm wearing Hello Kitty on my head in this post.

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