first off
Thank you for your interest in sponsoring my blog! I really appreciate that you have taken interest in my work here, and would love to get to know you more. Before we go any further, I recommend that you get The Scoop, so you can get to know a little more about the blog and my style. If you've already done so, please read on.

that being said
I believe in supporting creative individuals and businesses whose goals and tastes are similar to those of this blog. If you feel that your product, shop or blog would be a good fit for my blog, I would love to hear from you. Check out the rest of this page for more information on what I offer, and you are always welcome to drop me an email ([email protected]) if you have any questions or are interested in link exchanging, advertising or having your product or shop reviewed.

on sponsoring frayed threads
Snag a premo spot on my sidebar for a 30 day period for just $5-$25; email me ASAP to reserve your space! Sidebar ads are available in the following sizes and prices, for a one month period:
150x150: $5
300x150: $10
300x300: $15
150x500: $15
VIP Pass: Bump your ad to the top of the column for just $10 more.
This option is based on a per month agreement and is only available for one client per month.
You're in luck - The January & February VIP spots are still available, and you can get both for the price of one. Email me to reserve it for your business, blog or service.
Check out the sidebar on the right side for examples of sidebar ads. Other sizes and terms available with negotiable rates. Max width for any ad is 300 pixels; max term is six months.
*note: all sizes in pixels and listed width x length, prices are for a 30 day period that begins on date ad is first posted.

Giveaways are an effective way to gain followers, because you can set requirements for entering (like following your Twitter or "liking" your shop/blog's Facebook page) - and the only cost is the item you're giving away. Check out this post for an example of a giveaway; my first giveaway (held in April 2012) garnered me more than 60 new blog followers, most of whom now also follow my Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. If you would like to offer an item or gift certificate for giveaway on my blog, please contact me for more information.

sponsor an outfit post
Sponsoring an outfit post is great way to promote a specific item, or to provide an example of the kinds of pieces your shop specializes in - you can send me an item from your shop that I will feature in an outfit post. In the post, I will review the item and link to both it and your site, as well as any social profiles you'd like to promote. Check out this post for an example of a product review/brand endorsement. I'll accept just about any challenge, but I also reserve the right to not publish an item that I don't love - so it would probably be best if we collaborate on what item you send before you send it in.

host an event
Are you a business located in northern Utah? If you're interesting in hosting a live, in-store event, please drop me an email with any ideas you have and we'll talk. Side note-all events must be hosted after 5:30pm or on a weekend (we all have day jobs!).

package deals
If you would like to invest in more than one form of sponsorship, package deals are available at discounted rates. Please email me with details of what you'd like to do, and we'll work out a price and plan.

of course
All of this is negotiable, and I'm always open to new ideas and other forms of sponsorship that you may want to experiment with. Email me with your ideas and we'll talk!

questions? concerns? ideas?
ready to sponsor my blog?
Please email me!

Please don't be offended - it's not you, love, it's me. 
I reserve the right to refuse any sponsor or product if I do not feel that it is the correct fit for this blog.

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