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Blogging is a means by which I have been able to explore my creative self and develop my talents to a professional level, but my true loves and talents are for wardrobe styling, modeling, marketing and writing. With professional experience in all four areas, combined with extensive work in many other fields, I've been able to hone my skills into a unique set that allows me to makeover and re-design everything (and one) from corporate brands in need of a persona to small businesses looking to start up their marketing program to individuals in need of a new look.

If you're in need of:
  • A personal image consultant
  • A re-branding or brand building specialist
  • A runway or editorial model
  • A writer for a blog post, article or press release

Please feel free to email me at [email protected] with details of the services you need, and I will be happy to send you my portfolio, resume and more information on what I can do for you.

If you're a local Utah designer in need of a runway or editorial model, or help with publicity for an event, launch or your line, I'd be happy to volunteer my services - please feel free to drop me a line with details of what you need. In the rare event that I am unable to help you, I can most likely direct you to someone who can!

Take a look at my resume and portfolio for more information on experience and expertise.

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